Welcome to Tea & Possibilities - a video podcast all about knitting, planning and nerding out in East London (previously Portsmouth and North West London - I get about a bit).

Like knitting, crochet, planners, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and books of all shapes and sizes? This is the place for you!

Here you'll find all my episodes and shownotes.

Episode 1: Just Do It!
Episode 2: Thought Knitting
Episode 3: The Magic Number
Episode 4: Tales of Woe
Episode 5: Short & Sweet
Episode 6: Knitter of Jumpers
Episode 7: Winter is Coming
Episode 8: Stitched Up
Episode 9: Wizard!
Episode 10: Handfuls of Sock Yarn

Episode 11: Happy New Year! 
Episode 12: Ramble, Ramble
Episode 13: Basically Monogamous
Episode 14: One Project Wendy
Episode 15: So. Much. Yarn.
Episode 16: High on Vitamin D
Episode 17: The Colour Quest
Episode 18: Sock Knitter?!
Episode 19: The Edinburgh Edition
Episode 20: Off The Hook
Episode 21: FO-Saurus
Episode 22: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too
Episode 23: Puff Pride
Episode 24: Guide Sock
Episode 25: Inaugural Yarn Cake
Episode 26: The Problem With Being A Knitter
Episode 27: Hat Hair
Episode 28: The Sharp End of the Stick
Episode 29: Bit of a Numpty
Episode 30: Haul of Yarn
Episode 31: Double the FOs
Episode 32: Dream Knit Night
Episode 33: Tea Free
Episode 34: FO-Sure
Episode 35: Famous Last Words
Episode 36: FO Fail
Episode 37: Unknitting

Episode 38: Lucky Bean
Episode 39: Stockinette Doldrums
Episode 40: Definite Theme
Episode 41: Many Many Minis
Episode 42: Progress Creeper
Episode 43: Stashed Up
Episode 44: First HO!
Episode 45: FO & Sew
Episode 46: Muffin Top
Episode 47: Spark Joy
Episode 48: Neverending Sock

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