Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Insult to Injury

I mentioned in my second podcast that I'd injured my ankle falling down the stairs and then in my third podcast the impact said injury was having on my life.

While I by no means suffer from anxiety as a condition, I think we all in our day-to-day lives suffer from anxiety or stress in one form or another. But just because everyone does, doesn't mean that it's something we should just suffer through and I do my level best to ensure that it is kept to the lowest level possible.

As I mentioned in my podcast, I do this with a combination of writing everything down (to get back in control of the situation); working out (to rid myself of nervous energy); and knitting and crafting (to relax).

This combination has always worked well for me, but has sadly been reduced to just two elements since my accident. I am by no means an athletic person, but the lack of movement in my life was really starting to tell - I was finding it difficult to wind down after the working day, I was feeling low about the loss of fitness, I was waking up at 5am again and obsessively running through my to-do list, even my back was starting to ache from all the sitting in the office and then at home. To cap it all my moods and energy levels were up and down like Tower Bridge.

I am now gradually getting back to my old routine - I'm walking from the bus stop to my office again, which is about a fifteen minute walk and really blows the cobwebs away before and after work. I'm not attending classes yet, but I am going to the gym most evenings to row and do weights. I'm hoping to start back at Pilates this coming week and then I'll monitor the situation and will get back to Insanity and Spinning as soon as I can.

It's strange to think how big a loss this has been to me, how very much the lack of movement has impacted on my mental health. I have to admit that I thought I'd be laid up for two weeks max and then could dive back into my classes like nothing had happened. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky and I'm having to take it slower than I would like.

But walking again and getting to the gym is a wonderful feeling - already my moods are evening out and I am ten times more capable of handling the workday stress. I am savouring every gym visit so much more than before and I am so so happy every time my ankle allows me to do a little more.

I may well not be back to classes until the New Year, which does make me sad as I was making such progress and was really enjoying them. But I can already see the positive impact on my mental health that getting back to the gym has had and I'm so grateful for that.

As I said, I don't suffer from anxiety disorder, but I do think you should look after your mental health as you do your body. Keeping yourself as well as possible, instead of only addressing issues when something is wrong. Take good care of yourself, and, if you think that you suffer from more than just everyday anxiety, please do speak to your doctor.

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