Friday, 21 October 2016

Why I started a podcast

At the beginning of the month, I started a podcast - Tea & Possibilities (you can find it here and on YouTube). Episode 4 is now up, I'm getting to grips with filming and Adobe Premier and have had some lovely comments already. So far I am really enjoying the process and am looking forward to learning more and filming more.

But why did I start a podcast when I have a blog?

There are a number of reasons, one of which being that I wanted to be part of the gang. The podcasting community has always looked to me like a lovely, friendly and welcoming place to be, I thought I would love to be involved.

It's also a new skill - I got Rich to show me how to set up the camera and how to work Adobe Premier. I cannot take credit for the titles or the segment titles, as they are all his work, but I edit the content together every weekend and every time I do it, it's a little easier and a wee bit better than last time.

I have no natural talent for photography and have never before had a strong desire to learn. But podcasting is fun! I like the discipline of creating something every week and am looking forward to seeing improvements every week.

I also started a podcast because stories can be told in a variety of ways. This is something that I really remember from Kate of A Playful Day's talk at Blogtacular earlier this year. Wait till your story is ready and share it in the best way for that story.

Sometimes I want to take the time to write a carefully crafted post, stating my opinions in a thoughtful and (hopefully) eloquent way. But sometimes, I just want to have a good old natter about yarny goodness.

I'll still be sharing my full FO stories here - because sporting a new item in a podcast is no match for dedicated pictures of the details - but sometimes it's good to share something like you would over a cuppa and some cake.

It has also pushed my knitting. There's no schedule here on the blog for when I share my WIPs or my FOs - I share things as they are finished and when I think I'm due a WIP post. But I'm already crafting with one eye on the podcast - meaning I knit more on more things that I otherwise would which is fun. It's one way to move out of your comfort zone!

There's also something about editing your own moving and talking image every week. I never realised I had a crooked smile and I am starting not to notice my wonky teeth. It really does wonders for getting comfortable with all those little things you'd rather change!

Would I recommend it? Yes! Please let me know if you have a podcast (I may not have caught it yet) or if there are any that you would recommend. They are my favourite way to pass the time :)

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