Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Cult of Busy

I don't like being 'busy', I never have. Even though I'm a chatterbox and enjoying spending time with people, I have introvert tendencies that mean I need regular quiet time alone. Part of this is a change of pace - I hate having massive to-do lists and never-ending events to attend. I can only enjoy a busy weekend if I know I have the next one, blissfully, gloriously, free.

I have always run my life in avoidance of 'busy'. I worked shifts which meant I often had weekdays free to run errands, which is always quicker and easier than trying to do the same things on weekends. Shifts also meant that chores got done over a few days, rather than crammed into evenings to keep the weekends empty and I always had time to spend a few hours quietly recalibrating myself for the busier times ahead.

Busy, busy, busy.

I feel like this time last year I had a good balance and right now I'm really struggling. I have never worked 9-5 before in my life and I'm still really trying to figure out how to balance that, plus the couple of hours commuting everyday, with exercise, quiet time, running a home, socialising and doing the things that I am really passionate about doing...

How on earth do you fit all that in and still sleep?!

There are no tips here, unfortunately. I wish I had already worked all this out and could tell you the magic formula for balancing the stuff you have to do with the stuff you love to do.

Is there a magic formula? I see people online working, having families and still managing to do all the things I don't feel like I have much time for anymore. So surely it is possible?

I have to remember though that I don't know these people - I don't know what struggles occur behind the scenes or what their work/family/financial situation is like.

That's the only tip I have at the moment - be assured by other people that it is possible. Don't be downhearted that they're doing it and you're not. You just need to figure out how to duck out of the Cult of Busy.

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  1. I choose to believe think more of us are in your spot and the beautiful life presented on many blogs is fiction. Makes me feel better :). You will get this sorted out. Just remember to breathe in and out!