Monday, 13 June 2016

I'm going to Blogtacular!

This Saturday, I'll be attending the Blogtacular conference in London! I've wanted to go for ages and ages, but never did as I didn't feel like I was 'blogger' enough. This was probably due to not feeling entirely comfortable with the blogs I was writing at the time.

Now though, I love my little blog and I'm really looking forward to attending, meeting other bloggers and learning loads!

There is a lot to plan for and these days, I don't really have much time so I'd better get on it!

What to do?
I'm incredibly lucky as I've gotten onto the Photowalk! How exciting is that?! I've got the Friday off work, so I'll be heading to London Thursday night so I can attend the photowalk on Friday afternoon and then the West Elm party that evening.

Mollie Makes have a stand there where you can chat to them about ideas you have. Am I brave enough to try that? I'd like to think so, so I'll pop that on the to-do list.

It's also Worldwide Knit in Public Day on Saturday 18th June, so no doubt I'll also be knitting while I'm there. (Hashtag craft blogger!)

What to wear?
Even though I'm not a particularly fashionable person, of course I'm thinking about this! Jeans and a nice top seem a good shout for Friday - comfy to go on the photowalk, easy to dress up for the party that evening. I'm not sure I'll have time to pop home and change in between, so best to wear something that's good for everything I think!

Maybe something similar on Saturday too - there'll be lots of sitting listening to talks and hanging out with people and I'm all about that comfy life.

What to see?
The schedule came out and of course I want to see everything - how do I choose? I'll definitely be attending the keynotes (because why wouldn't you?!).

All three of the ones I really, really want to go to are on at 11am, so not really sure how I'm going to make that call... I'm tempted to check out the Community talk by Kate O'Sullivan, as I would love to build a creative community, but I'd also love to make this my business one day (dream big, right?!) so perhaps I should go to the Blog Business talk by Kristabel Plummer?!

Later in the day I definitely want to go to the Phoneography and Video Workshops - I think I would get so much out of them as video really isn't my comfort zone!

What to take?
I'll be borrowing Rich's camera for sure and my bag will be stuffed with a notebook and pens, as well as some little cards with my blog on, but mostly I want to travel light. I don't want to bogged down with carrying things (so the knitting will have to be a sock!) and I want to have a hand free for my goodie bag!

Are you going to Blogtacular, will I see you there? Or do you have any idea how I can figure out which talks to go to?

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