Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Bad Skin Blitz

I am not the most beauty conscious of people. My daily make-up routine is minimal at best and the only thing I ever really think to do is look after my skin - cleanse, tone and moisturise and never go to bed with my make up on - and my eyebrows. Although I confess that after acquiring two tattoos on Saturday, I wasn't really in the mood for the burns-like-fire pain of eyebrow threading so they aren't looking their best.

But lately, my skin has not been looking its best. I'm lucky that I normally have pretty good skin. Even as a teenager I never suffered from acne and then and now my break outs tend to be hormonal and short lived.

However, a combination of factors has left me feeling spotty and gross lately. While Rich and friends have assured me my skin looks fine, I'm aware that it's not its usual self and I need to do something about it.

First up the why. Much as I would love to pretend this isn't a factor, chocolate is a major contributor. I eat so much of it at work as the shop is so close and popping out for sweets is a good excuse to get away from the desk and stretch my legs. I also don't always drink enough water and regular gym visits have probably also not helped much.

So time to tackle those factors one by one...

No chocolate during the week
I rely on sweets to get me through the working day and this is an appalling habit. But I'm not made of stone, so I'm not going without completely. It's just time for treats to be just that - treats that I can savour and enjoy. So they are now a weekend thing.

Lots - and lots! - of water
I've always found more water the quickest route to clearing up my skin. So I'm aiming for 2-4 litres a day. Don't make water noises, I can't bear it.

Scrub up!
It's tempting when I get back from the gym to flop immediately. But instead, I force myself into the shower, where I use a salt scrub on my face and chest and then Original Source Mint & Tea Tree shower gel, which kills off all the sweaty bacteria that leaves me spotty. It's easily the best post-exercise shower gel I've found. I've replaced my usual witch hazel based toner with a tea tree one for the time being and have got myself a pot of Don't Look At Me by Lush, which should help clear things up as quickly as possible.

What are your tips for clearing up and taking care of your skin?

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