Friday, 26 August 2016

Another One Bites the Dust...

Remember way back in April when I blogged about the Cosy Memories Blanket? Well, I have finally succumbed. Katie of the Inside 23 Podcast talked about picking up her blanket again in one of her most recent podcasts and it was enough to send me diving headlong into the large Etsy stash of mini skeins.

It was unseemly, but I cannot apologise because it was so much fun.

I started off really restrained - I just made myself an Etsy list of all the beautiful yarns I wanted to include in my blanket. Some were chosen because they reminded me of, well, memories. Others were chosen because I really wanted to check out that dyer's work and some were chosen simply because they made my heart sing.

So, while I may not have stuck to my original plan of leftovers from projects or only mini skeins that evoke memories, I am really excited about this project. It feels like a good thing to cast on as we edge ever closer to Autumn. I can see myself happily working on this for a long time and getting the same thrill with every little square.

So yes, after being restrained for about twenty minutes I gave myself up to the reckless abandonment of Yarn Buying. And it was blissful, let me tell you because I haven't bought yarn in ages. 

First up was this fun set from Owl About Yarn. I chose them for their bright colours, particularly the blues which remind me of our best holidays in Cornwall and Greece, and that rainbow stripe which makes me crazy happy. Owl About Yarn is one of the dyers that I've wanted to try out for ages, so I'm really excited to cast her squares on. The package arrived beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper with a purple ribbon and a tiny owl stitch marker. I've added that to my Harry Potter chatelaine, to fill a much needed Hedwig gap!

Then of course I spent an age browsing her shop and favouriting everything in sight - but that's another story.

Next up is the Scottish Myths and Legends collection by My Mama Knits. I was drawn to this for two reasons. Firstly, I love Scotland; it's one of my favourite places in the world, it's beautiful and full of stories. I would move there in a heartbeat. Secondly, there's a skein in there that reminds me of my much-loved and much-missed Grandad. Will O'the Wisp is made up of dark greys with a few shots of bright blue - colours that always remind me of my Grandad, in his jumpers and trousers and merry blue eyes.

I'm looking forward to casting this on over the long weekend, as my weather app is predicted a big storm. And I already know the next sets I'm treating myself to over the next few pay days - the BIG mini skein sock yarn set by bykateselene and this luscious Alice in Wonderland set, again by My Mama Knits.

Are you working on any big scrappy projects as we edge into autumn?

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  1. I am contemplating something with Colorwork - not socks, maybe a hat?