Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Post Referendum Blues

Friday and Saturday were difficult days.

I was sleep-deprived and reeling from the vote. While I had been concerned - and occasionally, it has to be said, disgusted - by the outpouring of vitriol in the lead up to the vote, I didn't for one minute actually think that we would vote to leave the EU. 

The result was, for me, a complete shock. To the point where I found myself tweeting David Cameron, a man I did not vote for, whose politics I do not agree with, the following:

A post-EU Britain fills me with dread. A country run by Boris Johnson terrifies the life out of me. Mainly because I consider him deeply cunning and untrustworthy. His subdued speech on Friday, his insistence that we do not need to rush to invoke Article 50, his utter lack of a plan... All this makes me feel like he didn't actually think we would leave. He pushed for something he neither believed in nor wanted in order to further his own career.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope he was standing up for what he believed in because that's what I want in a leader.

This isn't my usual sort of post. I like to write about good things - everyday adventures and crafting - but for me this is a blog about life, not lifestyle. And sometimes life is messy and confusing, it certainly is at the moment.

What we need is unity. This is not what I wanted by a very very long way, but this is what we've got. There's talk of a second referendum now that the Leave campaign's biggest promises have been scrapped, but I don't see that happening. This is what we have, we need to make it work. 

So this is me, reaching out my hands and doing my best to move past my anger, to say - to Leavers and Remainers - let's make this work together, ok?

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  1. Hey lovely, good on you for sharing. I feel sick to my core about where this country is heading and while others are slowly snapping out of it I feel upset, concerned, anxious and quite frankly my mental health is wobbling. It'll get better, things always do, and I guess we all just have to show each other a lot of love and kindness right now. Big hugs xxx