Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Current Obsessions...

I've been diving into the good stuff in light of recent events. In the wake of bad news, I am prone to take advantage of that infinite scroll on my phone and to tap every hashtag even vaguely associated. But I've reached peak-Brexit and it was time for me to top up my batteries with some good stuff and it's always fun to share the good stuff :)

First up, podcasts!

Well, these are actually mostly all video, so I don't know that you'd actually call them podcasts (vod-casts? Vlog-casts?), but hey-ho!

Sew Over It is brilliant. Lisa is funny and sweet and if there's a cute dog, I'm always in. I've never been to one of the Sew Over It shops, though I have browsed their online store, but now I really wish I had gone before I left London.

I really enjoy Lisa's fabric hauls because they always turn up in a later What I Made This month video. She also does great pattern reviews and talks about running the business, something that I always find fascinating

Another one I've been idling through the back catalogue of is The Dyer's Notebook, which I had, embarrassingly, never heard of before Lara turned up on the Yarngasm podcast. It's full of her process, which, again I find really interesting. I have a week of coming up and I want to try a few new and different things, including yarn-dyeing, so this is one I go back to regularly.

(I've also been listening to Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder, which is fascinating, but in no way cheerful).

As you'll hear on my upcoming What I've Been Reading This Month post, I've been reading the Harry Potter series. I'm halfway through Goblet of Fire at this point so it's all about to get quite dark. I've said before that I find Potter comforting, so I'm glad I'm reading it at the moment. Shame we don't all have time-turners though, right?

Lastly, Blogtacular. Oh Blogtacular, you just keep on giving don't you? I've got a post coming up about the day itself because it was wonderful outside of what it did for me and how it made me feel. But it has been really good to think back to that day, to reach out to the wonderful women I met and remind myself that community is what we need right now, not more division.

It's also been really lovely to write up my Blogtacular notes in pretty colours and then sieve them down further into an action plans. I found this great notebook from Oh No Rachio! when we were moving (I'd forgotten I had it!) so this is where all that is living at the moment. I was actually sad not to get the chance to say hi to Rachel at Blogtacular, so consider this a wave!

What are your current favourites?

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