Friday, 24 June 2016

Taking a Break

I spoke about the cult of busy a little while ago and how I'm trying to find a balance in my life at the moment, so this is me stepping up and taking charge of the runaway train that is my life at the moment.

After Blogtacular, all I want to do is write on this blog and I have so many ideas that I really want to pursue, but unfortunately, I think I do have to accept that, right now, I can't maintain my usual three post a week schedule. I've decided to cut back to two, so I have more time to focus on the quality of my posts, rather than the quantity.

I'm also taking a week off work fairly soon.

I realised that I haven't really had a break since Rich moved to Portsmouth back in October. I was working and travelling to see him; there was overtime (a lot of overtime) in the run up to Christmas; Christmas itself was exhausting; then there was job hunting, preparing to move, moving, starting a new job... It's no wonder that I feel worn into threads.

So the first week of July is all for me! I'm seeing a friend I haven't seen for years on the Friday and we're going to Bath for a fun day out. But that is the only plan I have! I think I'd like to hit the gym a few times - I feel like what I need is a jumpstart in that area which will make it easier to keep going.

I'd also like to get to know this area a little better - I've been living here since April and I only really know what's around work and along my road. I want to winkle out some interesting places to see and fun things to do.

Lastly, I want to make stuff! Tiredness has had a detrimental effect on my making. I haven't stopped, but I have lost that real juicy love of it, which is sad.

I want to make knitting plans, cast on things, swatch out that design I've been talking about and finally get my brand new sewing machine out of the box. Perhaps, if we're lucky, I'll finish that dress I started last year (!!) and we'll have a few FOs in the week after :)

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