Friday, 3 June 2016

Just Add Time

On Monday, I sat down to fill out my June pages in my Bullet Journal, ready for the new month. As I did so, I realised I had only used half a page in May for my bullet journal list. This made me incredibly sad as I love my BuJo and when I started using it back in March, I was getting so much done. I felt accomplished and able to cope with the to-do list.

These days, I realised on Monday, my to-do list is fairly simple: work and household chores. 

There's not really any need to write those down, is there? But this makes me sad, as there are a million things I want to be doing outside work - from sewing and learning to make garments, to creating podcasts and videos, regular gym classes and time to simply sit and knit.

My commute has had a great effect on my reading, but commuting and a 9-5 job has had a significant impact on the time I have to pursue personal goals. That is really not what I want in my life - my creative pursuits are incredibly important to my mental health and happiness (as is the gym!) and I need to make space for them in my life.

So I'm toying with how my bullet journal can help me with this.

Firstly, I considered how I'm now using it. The answer is - barely. I don't take it to work as I have a separate notebook there for work to-dos and reminders and I find I don't often need it at work. However, I do jot myself non-work reminders on post-its and that's really what I ought to be using my Bullet Journal for, so from now on, it's coming with me.

I'm considering the idea of monthly goals. I don't want to put pressure on myself, in the little time I have to do what I want to do, but perhaps I need to start scheduling things in that are important to me. Monthly targets could certainly help with that. 

I am also looking around the internet for inspiration - how do so many people get so much done when they have work or children or both? Surely, I'm just not using my time as wisely. 

If you know of any great blogs that discuss how they find time to knit or sew or take photos or write - please send me the link! I would love to know! 

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  1. An age old problem, so many good choices, never enough time. I am trying to use my bullet journal to make lots of lists, I believe they are also known as collections. Then, when I do find myself with a bit of time, I can check my list for ideas. Too often, I get a free evening and am too tired to come up with an idea.