Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wardrobe Dreams

I recently popped into Fat Face to use some of my birthday vouchers. I set myself a challenge - not to buy anything in blues or sea greens. My entire wardrobe is made up of blues and I really want to diversify my colour options!

I bought a lovely white shirt, a biscuity coloured cardigan and a cream dress with pink and green flowers and it is so easy to mix and match with them, I want to boost that end of my wardrobe. So I was already thinking about how to improve my wardrobe when I caught up on the latest Inside Number 23 episode in which Katie talks about body confidence and creating a wardrobe that actually works well together and for you and your body type.

While I'm much happier with my current capsule wardrobe, it's not as cohesive as I would like. So I thought I'd put together a few ideas of things that I would like to make or buy to create my ultimate dream wardrobe.

Fat Face has become one of my go-to places for wardrobe inspiration (probably doesn't hurt that it's just around the corner from my house!) as it has a laid back vibe that I really enjoy, but the pieces can still be dressed up easily into a chic outfit. I really love this Polzeath jumper and Elgin Waterfall cardigan for easy layering. I also fell head over heels for their botanical print sleepwear, but it's all out of stock, sob!

I'd also highly recommend Fat Face for underwear and socks - well made and well priced which is not always easy to find when looking to buy ethically.

When it comes to making, I have been heavily influenced by Kristen of the Yarngasm podcast and Katie of Inside Number 23, both of whom have made Anna dresses, which I am keen to make myself. I feel these would go well with my love of coloured tights, leggings and ankle boots or chunky Doc Marten heels. I'd love a couple in plain colours, then one or two in fun prints (Kristen's octopus print is fantastic!).

Another staple that I'd love to run up for my wardrobe is the Anderson Blouse by Sew Over It. I think they're so simple and elegant - they'd be great for work, but also work with my off-duty uniform of jeans and boots! I'd especially love these in an interesting print, especially for work as it's hard to be yourself and be professional at the same time. But I think the Brittany Garden print and this subtle Little Foxes print would be perfect.

Now, I just need to figure out how to actually go about sewing in our flat, which is really quite small... Thoughts?!

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