Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Bullet Journal: April/May Adaptations

I wanted to share my set up with you on a monthly basis, unfortunately we had issues getting internet in our flat for most of April so I didn't get around to it. So now I thought I'd share how my May set up has evolved from the April set up...

Monthly Tracker
I really like using this, it's a simple and efficient way to give myself an overview of the month and keeps the things that I want to do more of at the front of my mind.

In April, I added 'No Lunch' to my tracker a week or so into the month as I wanted to make the effort to take lunch, rather than buying it at work. While I confess to a fondness for sausage butties, it's not healthy - physically or financially! - to do it every day.

This is something I've carried over to the May tracker. In fact, my tracker hasn't changed much in May. The main thing I want to adapt is the exercise tracker - I'd like to note how exactly I got my exercise that day, rather than just ticking that I did something. In April, I was simply jotting the initial of what I did in the square, but I don't think I like that. Currently thinking of something more informative...

Month on Two Pages
I'm still not totally happy with this. In April I realised that I just wasn't using the space wisely. I don't need three whole columns after all.

So in May I spread the days across two pages and created just two columns - for Birthdays and Events/Reminders. This allows two rows per day, which is helpful, I don't feel so crammed for space, but I'm still not entirely happy with it.

Next month I think I'll do a similar layout, but mark out the boxes in grey rather than black as it is pretty heavy. I'm also rethinking what columns to include - after all, I don't have that many birthdays a month to remember that it needs it's own column. I think I might shift the dates over one box and jot the birthdays behind them, leaving me a lot more space. In which case, I might not include columns at all...

100 Days Project
This is a new addition to my Bujo, which I blogged about here. Including it in my Bujo is just so much easier than having it in a separate notebook as it means I can work on it whenever I have time - on my lunchbreak, while having breakfast, on the bus... This way I'm much more likely to actually do it.

And it feels right to have that there, after all this is where my entire life is written down!

On colour
I love love love the colourful pictures of Bullet Journals that I see online, but I have decided not to be a slave to it myself. Last week I found myself adding 'Colour in Bujo' to my list and realised how silly that was. If I have time, I love to doodle and colour, but, ultimately, this is a practical system and scheduling time to colour it in just isn't practical for me.

So you may see less colour in my Bujo over the next few months, although when I have time to I really go to town!


  1. I'm new to the BuJo. I like your blog! Thank you, it is very interesting. As for the 'Birthdays' dilemma, why don't you just put them at the top of the monthly task list -if there are any. I agree that it is a waste. Good luck in finding what works :)

  2. I hav added a tracker page to my notebook - inspired bu the lovely bullet journal photos I see. Hoping that more writing it down will ease some of the stress that is shadowing me lately. Thanks for the update.