Monday, 21 March 2016

Christmas 2016

Oh yes. The C word.

It's only March, but yes, here I am to discuss Christmas.

You may be totally baffled by this and I totally understand why. I love Christmas and I'm always eager to get through November so I can enjoy the festive season, but I'm definitely not someone who'd like to leave their decorations up all year round.

So why on earth am I talking about Christmas now, even before spring has thoroughly sprung? Because I am a planner. The last couple of Christmases, I've wanted to make handmade decorations for our tree and home and make some handmade gifts. But it's always far too late and I end up rushing to finish (remember the Great Stocking Saga of 2015?). Last Christmas I decided that I would get a head start on this year and make a few little bits throughout the year so that come Christmas, I would have a lovely box of goodies and none of the stress.

At the moment, my main focus is on six new stockings, just like the ones I made for Rich and I last Christmas. These do crochet up fairly quickly, so they're good rainy Sunday projects. But I'm also planning on personalising them with a cross stitched initial on each one and these take a little time to design and stitch.

Next up are some decorations. At the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, my Nan bought Mini Knitted Christmas by Sue Stratford so I took some time to sit down and flick through it to make a list of things to make. Much as I'd love to make the sleigh with all the reindeer, I think I might save that until I've got a few minis under my belt!

I'm hoping to make some little penguins for the tree first.

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