Friday, 18 March 2016

Cast Ons Coming Up

I have almost finished my Stargazer Wrap! Thank goodness!

No really, I do love my Stargazer and it's going to be wonderfully cosy to snuggle under. I thoroughly enjoy garter stitch because a lot of my knitting is done on auto-pilot after a long day at work, while watching a show. But oh my goodness, enough is enough - I have to get this finished now!

I've recently received some gorgeous yarn from Amy at Stranded Dyeworks. I asked for a custom dye inspired by the beaches of Cornwall and they are perfect for my Cornish Lilli Pilli.

However... I am now stating, for all the world to hear, that I will not be casting that on until the Stargazer is off the needles. Otherwise it will languish there for ages and it has to be done by early May - better to finish it sooner rather than later in my book. Next time you hear about this beast, it will be in an FO post. I swear.

But it's not just the Lilli Pilli I'm planning to cast on when I've finished the Stargazer. Oh no! There is a whole list!

I'm moving to Portsmouth over Easter weekend and intend to get stuck into my birthday purchase, The Triceratops Head by Sincerely Louise. This will one day have pride of place in the hallway of our first home. It's fairly chunky so should knit up satisfyingly quickly.

Next up is another frogging project - I'll be ripping out my Miscrossed Cables jumper to knit up a Fold & Turn. I'm hoping this will be my auto-pilot evening knitting for a while.

My final cast on plan is inspired by a new favourite podcast, Inside Number 23. Katie is not only a delight to watch, but also a fellow Potterhead (and Hufflepuff!). She's running a Harry Potter KAL (#23HarryPotterKAL) and, apart from knitting some amazing socks for it, she's also working on a Weasley Jumper. I've decided to spend a voucher I got for my birthday on yarn for my own Weasley Jumper, I'm thinking in a blue like the Weasley Twins... This would be my second attempt at intarsia. Let's, um... Let's just not talk about the first time I tried intarsia, ok? But this will be a success! I'd love to take part in the KAL and if I end up with a Weasley Jumper to wear to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, bonus!

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