Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Word for 2016

I've never been super into resolutions, as they usually end up being the same thing and are usually influenced by the Christmas excess. But I have noticed a trend towards words of the year, which I really like the idea of because it's less a set of arbitrary goals and more of a guiding feeling. I'm aways really inspired by Elise's Word of the Year posts (her most recent is here) and by Racheal's recent post. I've never actually felt the pull of a word before so it's not something I've ever done, but over the last few weeks, I knew exactly what my word would be.

2016 is a big year for me. This is the year that I finally move out of London and when Rich and I will be buying our first home. I'll also be turning 29 this year and I feel like I should be really good to myself in this, the final year of my 20s.

The last couple of years have felt transitional and slightly rootless - we rented a flat to test the living-together waters; moved in with family in order to save for our first home; then Rich moved to Portsmouth for work, while I decided to stay in London until I found a job down there.

The last quarter of 2015 was overwhelming - Rich's new job and move was very sudden and then there was a lot of overtime and stress at work, plus Christmas. Through it all, I kept coming back to this one image - diving into deep, cool, crystal clear water. It was a vision that calmed me in stressful moments and rocked me to sleep. It was also the image that led me to my word for 2016...


Clean feels like such a rich word for me at the moment. Clean for me means freedom, clarity, calm and focus. Clean is going to impact my life in so many ways this year.

Here's how I want my 2016 to look:

I want to take better care of myself. I think we have all experienced that incredible sensation of feeling really good - you're active, you're eating well and drinking plenty of water. I can only describe it as a clean feeling. So this year, I want to focus more on what I put into my body - more water, more fresh veggies, less quick fix highs (I'm looking at you, chocolate croissants).

I also want to get back into being careful what I put on body too; my skin has been flaring up as the pace of life had me reaching for chemical laden products rather than stopping to make something myself.

I want to schedule in weekly rituals - even just taking the time for an at-home facial or pedicure - as well as starting acupuncture, which will encourage me to stop for a little while on a regular basis and just treat myself more kindly and gently.

I think that will help me feel clean in both body and mind.

I want to be cleaner in my impact on the world around me. I've been becoming more aware, through the podcasts I listen to, the articles I read and the documentaries I watch, just how much our choices impact the world.

I've been particularly struck by the Zero Waste Home movement and True Cost. While it's easy to think that because everyone is doing it, your choice not to engage in fast fashion and plastic packaging makes no difference, it's not really true. Your example can inspire others and you are part of a growing movement for positive change.

While we are living with other people, we don't have as much control on what comes in and out of the house. But I'm using this time to research the zero waste lifestyle and make plans for how we run our future home and I'm working on things that I currently have total control over. Namely, my diet and my wardrobe.

I've already purchased a few new items from Seasalt Cornwall which are an ethical company whose stuff I love. I'm planning a big wardrobe cull very soon in order to  focus on cultivating a capsule wardrobe to replace the overwhelming hodgepodge I currently maintain.

My diet will hopefully be cleaned up by the purchase of a spiralizer and despite the fact that I am starting the year with a 60hr work week, I intend to do a 20min work out when I get home, eat well and treat myself to body scrubs and face masks.

Clean, I think, should be a good feeling.

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