Monday, 4 January 2016

A Knitty New Year

Inspired by Amy of Stranded Blog and her resolution to make 2016 the Year of Sweaters, I thought I'd share my knitty plans for the New Year.

My main resolution this year is to nail socks. I see so many beauties on Instagram, but I've always really struggled with them. So this is the year that I'll focus on mastering the magic loop method and filling my sock drawer with handmade lovelies.

This also - I hope! - means leftovers, which I would love to use to make either A Beekeeper's Quilt or a Sock Yarn Blanket.

I'd love to make more garments as well, to supplement my winter/transitional weather wardrobe. Garments are not my strongest point, as I've only knit two, but I want to improve and the best way to do that is to practice!

Top of my list are things that I can use to layer up with, I am a big fan of layers! 

Sandy by Hannah Fettig is a lovely, easy to wear piece that would be great for spring, autumn and winter. Looks like a quick knit too! I think I'd knit it a little longer than in the picture as I'm a pear shape and I prefer things to skim past my hips.

I love the big squishy cosiness of the Madam Secretary cardigan by Carol Sunday and the Fold and Turn by Suvi Simola. These are very much my style; I love nothing more than wrapping myself up in something oversized and these would fit the bill nicely.

I'm on the look out for a simple sleeveless cardigan, nice and long, no buttons... Still hunting for the right pattern as this would look great over some of my Seasalt tops. 

My top picks for jumpers this year would include the deliciously elegant Obsidian by Lisa Mutch. I just love the flexibility of that neckline - it makes my heart sing!

I'd also love to make Puntilla by Joji Locatelli because it just looks so comfy and easy to wear. I think this is one you can wear at home with some comfy leggings and a good film, but just as easily dress up for work.

I'm planning to make a couple of Whispers by Veera Valimaki as they would be ideal for the warmer months. 

All these plans are well and good, but as I mentioned yesterday, one of this year's big projects is building a capsule wardrobe. So I really need to think about colours. I tend to just reach for whatever colour catches my eye, like a magpie. But this does not a coherent wardrobe make - so I'm going to have a think about what colours to use before I cast on. I simply cannot wait though! 

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