Monday, 9 November 2015

We Need To Talk About Bifrost

Or: An Ode To Garter Stitch

Both of my current WIPs are garter stitch. With my Hogwarts Socks finished and keeping me cosy while I potter about and knit, my only two projects on the needles are my Bifrost and Stargazer Wrap (from the Mara shawl pattern). 

I've talked about my Stargazer before. It's going to be a workhorse piece, in a beautiful midnight blue, made for adventures. 

But my Bifrost. Oh, my Bifrost, I have such feelings for you. I didn't cast on immediately as I thought I would; the box was packed so beautifully it sat, propped open, on the little sofa in my room for a week. And now that I've cast on, I cannot stop. It's addictive - the colours are beautiful in themselves and watching them knit up is a pleasure, but there's also that feeling of wanting to get onto the next colour and then the next. I'm already eyeballing that next cake of yarn and dying to get that involved.

Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Ahem. 

Garter stitch feels good right now. Gentle and undemanding. I feel at a bit of an in-between at the moment, with Rich living in Portsmouth now and me still here in London, waiting to get the Christmas madness over before I move and start commuting to London for work... Garter stitch feels like a soft place to be right now, a little cuddle just when I need it. No stressful patterns or things to remember. Just the feel of the yarn and the needles and the steady knit, knit, knit. 

I had been looking to cast on a garment, but with Christmas so close I can't really drop the money needed on a jumper or cardigan quantity of something luscious. And right now, that feels ok. I'm not getting frustrated with my knitting. When I want some thick juicy yarn, I pick up my Mara. When I want some colour fun, I reach for my Bifrost. Garter stitch is where I am right now, and it feels really good.

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  1. I have garter stitch on my needles too. A lace section is coming up soon but I know what you mean about garter stitch