Monday, 30 October 2017

Tea & Possibilities Episode 36: FO Fail


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The Best Year Ever KAL is a year long knit along which started on 1st January 2017 and will be running until 31st December 2017. You knit 4 things that bring you lots of joy and you could win a prize! 

This week's tea is Clipper's Snore & Peace, which is meant to be a bedtime tea, but I love it at any time of day! If you are in need of more tea inspiration, t
here is a tea recommendation thread in the Ravelry group.

I won't be running a penpal call this quarter (things are crazy right now!) so if you would still like to find a penpal, please check out the Find a Penpal thread!

Before I go on with the episode, I wanted to announce the winners of the One Year Podiversary Giveaway!

I closed the thread on the morning of Saturday 28th October and used Random Number Generator to draw 3 names:

Post 26: pyewacket / Allison  - A Single Strand Studio project bag

Post 32: momofpeg / Carey - Spool Stories project bag
Post 46: eburnison/ Emily - Selbu Mitten Club by Skeindeer Knits will be landing in your Ravelry message box!

Pyewacket and momofpeg - please get in touch via Rav message with your addresses and I'll get your prizes packaged up and posted as soon as possible!


Let's start with a FO!

Cornish Affection

Pattern: Color Affection by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: Stranded Dyeworks Paradise base in custom dyed colourways (Amy is sadly no longer offering custom dyed yarn)

I adored this pattern, but I am a little sad that it's come up much smaller than I imagined - totally my fault as I didn't swatch! I never swatch for shawls so this has taught me a lesson! Mum will love it though and it's still totally wearable, so it will be blocked and gift wrapped in the next week or so.

Shanghai Stripes
Pattern: Granny Stripe by Attic 24
Yarn: Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky in the Steel & Stitch colourway

I thought I would do two more colour repeats on this blanket, but when I finished the sixth, I realised it was plenty big enough for sofa snuggles - and won't be too much of a pain to travel back to China! 

Fairly certain that I'll just use hump stitch on the border, but may try crab stitch too.

Now I am almost totally without WIPs and I feel bereft but also not in a cast on mood. I just want to pick up and be ready to go! 
But sadly I'm not, so I plan to swatch:

Stranded Dyeworks Industrial Kingfisher for the Pavement by Veera Valimaki and I might also get Libby Johnson's Gingerbread on the needles too. I have the most gorgeous autumnal yarn from The Yarn Collective in Copper for that.

Other jumpers mentioned:

Light Trails by Suvi Simola
Mae by Andrea Mowry
Selbu Mittens by Skeindeer Knits
December Booties by Carrie Bostick Hodge

I can't believe how antsy I feel without WIPs! I'm going to cast on some wrist warmers for Rich and my Selbu mittens for my Nan. I think a cast on party is needed so I can just pick up and go! Must never get to this point again!!


Top three films this week!

Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg, 1993). I saw this at the cinema when I was 6 and dinosaur obsessed. I fell in love with Alan Grant and Ellie Satler. They became my total heroes!

Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003). This is beautiful to watch, it's just visually stunning. And the story is gorgeous.

Arrival (Denis Villeneuve, 2016). This is super new to the list but it's one of the most intelligent and heartfelt sci-fis I've ever seen.

Also mentioned - Philippa Gregory's Cousins War Series: The Lady of the Rivers, The White Queen, The Red Queen, The White Princess and The Kingmaker's Daughter.

Thanks for all your book tips - especially for Arthurian books! I will be on the hunt for them!

Would love to hear your top threes - I've started a Top Three thread on the group so you can share!


Pamela Wynne Butler's Handsome - a book of knitting patterns designed for transgender men.

Pamela was interviewed on Pomcast Episode 41 and I was incredibly moved by her desire to create (as the book tagline says) 'a collection of six menswear sweater patterns designed to fit every size, shape and gender of adult human'.

Pamela is Associate Director of the Gender Studies Program at Notre Dame University so she is fully aware of the issues that transgender people face - the prejudices and the everyday oversights that make their lives that bit more difficult than I - a cis gendered, straight white woman will ever encounter.

I am so proud to be a part of a community that reaches out and draws people in. Knitters are such wonderful people! 

That's all folks - I'll see you next week, for another cuppa!

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