Saturday, 2 September 2017

FO: Dinah (Sincerely Louise Knitted Triceratops Head)

This is another belated FO post - I haven't really been blogging since I started podcasting, but I have missed sharing my thoughts on my finished objects here. I love chatting about them on camera, but there's something about writing down my experience that is lovely. And I'm (hopefully!) far more articulate here!

This silly but wonderful knitted triceratops head kit from Sincerely Louise had been in my stash for a long time. I bought her as a birthday present to myself at the 2016 Knitting and Stitching Show, but didn't work on her for almost a year. Before I ever worked on her, I knew she'd be called Dinah.

Finally, when I moved back to London in December 2016, I brought her with me, with the intention of casting her on. I think it was the promise of a new home in my hometown that made my fingers itch. Or maybe it was the exhaustion of a new job, a daily commute into central London and the regular trek back to Portsmouth to see Rich at the weekends (that all feels so long ago now!).

Whatever it was - the chunky yarn, the thick wooden needles, the fairly simple pattern - it was came together as the perfect project at the perfect time.

I have to say that I was surprised by how quickly she knit up. Silly really - as I said, the needles were thick and the yarn was chunky! I expected it to be far more complicated to make than it was, but the actual knitting of the pieces was very simple indeed - the most complex bit was the frill, but that was more fiddly than complicated.

I think I probably spent as much time making it up as I did on the actual knitting. The making up is probably the only reason it wouldn't be something I'd recommend to a beginner - because there is a lot of it and the making up is what really brings the character of your beastie to life.

But hey, if you're an adventurous beginner I think you'd have so much fun with one of Louise's designs. I probably won't make another head (there simply isn't the space in our future flat) but I love the quirky charm of Louise's designs and would love to make some more in the future (there's a mole tea cosy I remember spotting on her stall when I bought this kit that I think is just the sweetest thing).

I love this project - it's so fun, so unnecessary and yet something that I know is going to put a smile on my face every time I see it on my wall. My Dinah is a little lopsided in the face as my seaming and stuffing leaves a lot to be desired, so she looks a bit bemused, like she's chewing her lip. But that is just what makes her unique and that's what knitting is for, right? Making something unique :)

You can find all the details about this project - pattern, yarn, progress pics and notes - on the Ravelry page here: Dinah.

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