Monday, 26 June 2017

Tea & Possibilities Episode 28: The Sharp End of the Stick


You can find me on Instagram and Twitter, as well as Ravelry. We also now have a Ravelry group!

The Best Year Ever KAL is a year long knit along which started on 1st January 2017 and will be running until 31st December 2017. You knit 4 things that bring you lots of joy and you could win a prize! 

Today's tea is White Monkey from Pekoe Tea that I bought while I was in Edniburgh. There is a tea recommendation thread in the Ravelry group.

There wasn't a podcast last week as it was so lovely - all the neighbours were out having barbecues and friends over and lots of music on. I couldn't get the audio right, so figured - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Don't forget I've opened up Penpals again! There's a reminder on the forum and on Instagram in the next few days - but if you would like a penpal, please Rav message me:

  • Your real name
  • Your address
  • Whether you are happy to post abroad or not

One last note before we move onto WIP'd Up - I've had some people let me know that they've DM'd me on Instagram, but I've never received their message. Some are getting through, but I know for definite some haven't. If you want to contact me, please do so via Ravelry message as - as far as I know - they're not disappearing into the ether!


If you would like to get involved with some charity knitting, you can find some info on our Charity Bag Signal thread in the group. As you let me know about great knitting based charitites, I'll edit the first post to add them so there'll be a list there. If you have any emergency local needs, please post in this thread, so we all know and can help if we can.

I'm really feeling like I want to make more hats now. I think this is my personal way of putting some love out into the world - this hat is for a friend who gave us first refusal on her flat as she is now moving which has made our lives so much easier.

Hat Kick Take #2: I Missed You Too
Pattern: Graham by Jennifer Adams
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Vintage in Rainwater

There was more Madeline Tosh in the post this week though! Madeline Tosh DK in the Begonia Leaf colourway for the The Beeswax Hat by Amy van de Laar. And some Madeline Tosh Vintage in Candlewick for The Fuego Hat by Justyna Lorkowska.

Shanghai Stripes Blanket
Pattern: Granny Stripes by Attic24
Yarn: Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran in the Steel & Stitch colourway, leftovers from my Crochet Girl Gang Blanket


This die hard Bullet Journaller didn't get on so well with the Kikki.K ring binder planner. So I think I'm going back to the Bullet Journal and am going to sell my ring binder planners (I have several).

My top tips for Bullet Journalling...

Find out more about it here. My favourite notebooks for bullet journalling are Leuchtturm 1917s because they're sturdy enough to be carried around and they a lot of knocks. They also have lovely dense pages, which means I can use my fountain pens in them! I always buy the dotted ones as these are a lot more flexible than the lined versions when drawing out charts and grids.

Boho Berry and Tiny Ray of Sunshine are fantastically inspiring in their use of this system and I read them a lot. I also advise working out your format using scrap paper first, so you're happy with your layouts and order of things before you move in. I then mark up the pages with post its, so I know what to create on each page.

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