Wednesday, 23 November 2016

FO: Mini Weasley Jumpers

I'm a little late the party with this one as I finished these at the end of October, but never got around to posting about them - oops! But here they are, my Mini Weasley Jumpers, all finished!

I'm so happy with these minis and I think they're going to make fab additions to our Christmas tree this year and to the stockings that I've made for friends and family.

These were knit out of leftovers from various projects - the blue and yellow from my Weasley Jumper with an N; the purple from Miscrossed Cables; the brown from Rich's Birthday Beanie; the cream from my Hogwarts Socks and, finally, the red from the Red Robin Shawl I knit my Nan a few Christmasses ago.

The red one is the smallest of the lot, knit out of a finer gauge yarn and as yet without an initial. This is for a friend's baby, who will be born sometime in May next year, so hasn't got a name yet. I thought this would make a sweet addition to the other bits and pieces I'm knitting to welcome them into the world.

These are a really quick knit, as you can imagine - just an evening's work - but because I was knitting so many, they did start to drag. In the end, I knit the final four in batches - bodies, then arms, then necks, then sewed on all the initials. It was probably no quicker than making each one individually, but it felt a lot faster and that's the main thing!

Would totally recommend these as an alternative to a huge hand-knit gift this Christmas. They're quick and simple and the handmade thought is still there. I think these will become a staple stocking filler :)

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