Monday, 3 October 2016

Tea & Possibilities Episode 2: Thought Knitting


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Today's tea is Clipper's Snore & Peace.


After a clear out of my craft corner, which you can find out more about here, I've got lots of WIPs to talk about!

My Cosy Memories Blanket
Pattern: Cosiest Memory by Kemper Wray
Yarn: Recent additions from this set from Owl About Yarn; the Alice in Wonderland and Scottish Myths & Legends sets by My Mama Knits and the row will be finished with a mini from the Pop Fizzle Collection from bykateselene

Mini Weasley Jumpers
Pattern: Mini Weasley Sweater Ornaments by Alison Hansel
Yarn: Various, including Kettle Yarn Co. Madeline Tosh and Cascade 220

Baby knitting plans include...

The Alfalfa Baby Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier
Vivid, Pop or Bounce, all by Tin Can Knits or a crocheted blanket by Lucy of Attic 24.

Almost certainly to be knit out of Stylecraft or Paintbox acrylics.

I've also previously crocheted the Sweet as Honey blanket by Sarah Leighton (#notpregnant)

Dyeing-wise, I'd love recommendations for great undyed yarn stockists! I've been looking at Yarn Undyed and Laxtons.


Currently watching Star Trek: The Next Generation after loving Star Trek: Voyager and hating Deep Space Nine

Also enjoying Studio Ghibli, having recently watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Whispers of the Heart

Grave of the Fireflies and On Poppy Hill are next on the watch list. 

Would highly recommend Kiki's Delivery Service, The Cat Returns and My Neighbour Totoro.


Once a Filofax girl, now enjoying a Bullet Journal. You can read more about my previous bullet journal set ups here and I'll be blogging upcoming changes in my bujo soon.


Today's Knit & Natter is all about.... LUSH!

Little treats included...

Cupcake Face Mask
Seanik Shampoo Bar
Boo Bath Melt (now discontinued)
Milk Bottle Bubble Bar

Also mentioned...


Don't Look at Me Face Mask
Dream Cream
Charity Pot
Sikkim Girls Perfume
Rub Rub Rub
Pumpkin Bath Bomb
Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease

I have a lot of favourites - and I'm always happy to be recommended new ones!


  1. My absolute favourite Studio Ghibli films are Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. I love the slightly surreal, beautiful fantasticalness.

    I hope your ankle feels better soon! I do a lot of queuing and thought knitting these days as well - small baby takes up most of my time, but I can rav and listen to podcasts while nursing, so yay for that.

  2. Another lovely video cast. Thanks for the review of Lush. I think there is a store near me but I didn't know much about the product. Hope your ankle is healing.

  3. P.S. I have been playing with a bullet journal this year too. Isn't it great that you can make it your own?