Tuesday, 26 July 2016

When everything that can go wrong...

Has anyone else got a summer cold? I spent my weekend with a thick head and a drizzling nose. I ought to have known that the weekend was a write-off though, when the cafetiere decided to give up its glass bottom while I was stirring on Saturday morning, coffee cascading down my legs and into every nook and cranny our kitchen has to offer (there are many).

So that is how my weekend started - stood in the shower, hosing down my legs with cold water. Thankfully, my Jurassic Park pyjamas took the brunt of it, so I'm not even slightly scalded really. But you know sometimes you just think - well, perhaps I really ought to just go back to bed?

Do you ever find it hard to rescue a day when it ends badly? I do - I get in a grump and feel like writing it all off. But my weekends are so precious now that they are the only time I get to myself that I can't do that anymore. So on Saturday we headed out for a walk by the sea - totally forgetting that the America's Cup was on - and though I wore jeans to protect my legs for any further burns and I came back with the pink nose, it felt like a reset.

We made a Victoria Sponge for pudding that evening as we had guests - two thick slabs of vanilla sponge with oozing homemade jam and squealching butter cream. I cheered up considerably when I was offered the bowl (and the beaters. And the spatula. Ahem) to lick.

The weather turned on Sunday, overcast and grey, so that I didn't feel quite so irritable about nursing a cold in the raging heat. I did manage to struggle down to the beach to get an ice cream though - more out of a determination to enjoy my weekend than a great desire for ice cream (although I can't deny that the desire was - always - there).

I almost finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, watched a few episodes of Homeland and got halfway up the leg of my first Christmas stocking and I don't even think I'll be ripping this one out! I flicked through a book on yarn dyeing (I'm waiting for my first dye kit to arrive) and one on knitwear design (because I want to understand the maths for when I'm altering designs to fit).

I wallowed - just a little - and napped and drank a lot of tea.

Sometimes life isn't perfect - sometimes it's a summer cold and spilt coffee. But sometimes a good book and a fun project can turn it around.

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  1. My summer began with a cold that would not let go. Fortunately I finally recovered in time to head out on vacation. Hope you are back to health soon.