Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Post Blogtacular...

Blogtacular stays with you pretty intensely. In my post last week where I shared what I got up to on the day, I said that I was still bobbing about in the ripples of Blogtacular and I don't want that feeling to end!

I've yet to shake the feelings it left me with - not least because I wake up every morning to the goody bag banner on my wall.

For me, the weeks after Blogtacular have been just as important as the event as it happened. After all, Blogtacular is, sadly, only one day out of the year. I know I'm not the only one that left zinging and buzzing with ideas and energy and - most importantly for me - hope. So the post-Blogtacular days and week are really important in harnessing all that good stuff and focusing its magic on your every day life.

Here's what I got up to after the event...

Get it all out

I headed back to Portsmouth Saturday evening as I wanted a lie in on Sunday! But early Sunday morning found me Sellotaping four sheets of A4 paper together and scrawling a gigantic mindmap of all the things that were spinning around in my head. Blog posts, work, future plans... I emptied everything out.

It wasn't pretty by any means, but it was intensely satisfying. I looked down at that scrawl and thought - if that is my future, if this is the life I'm working towards then yeah, I'm more than happy with that.

Follow up

One of the other things I did on Sunday was go through all the cards I'd collected at Blogtacular. I read blogs and sent emails to the lovely people I had met. I followed and messaged on Instagram and Twitter.

It was a lovely way to fill a duvet day, but it also reinforces the connections made at Blogtacular. It's all about community, connection and support at the end of the day - so it felt great to keep the dialogues going. Believe me, an email from a Blogtacular friend pinging into my inbox on a bad day really cheers you right up!

Make a plan

I think everyone after Blogtacular needs a plan of some sort. It doesn't have to be crazy detailed, but you should harness the energy that you're zinging with in the months afterwards.

For me, I left that four page mind map to stew for a couple of weeks. I added notes to it and then transferred the whole lot into its own notebook, where it took the form of a plan. I broke it down to the smallest steps I could as it's great to have the big ideas, but in order to actually get anywhere with them you need a plan with actionable steps.

Would love to hear about how you're processing and working with the post-Blogtacular energy!

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