Friday, 8 July 2016

FO: The Weasley Jumper With An N

I started this for the Inside Number 23 Harry Potter KAL and missed the deadline by miles (and didn't win anything - which is heartbreaking as there was this skein called Goldfish that I was really hoping to win and now I can't find anywhere!)

Still, I got my Weasley Jumper finished at last. Some might say that I finished it at a bad time, with the summer here, but I say I've finished it in plenty of time for the winter. And what a fantastic winter jumper it is - there is no way I'll be cold in this! It's going to be great for cosy crafting and walks. In my mind it's also a great Christmas jumper - because you only get a Weasley jumper at Christmas!

The jumper is knit out of aran weight Rowan Felted Tweed in Teal, with the intarsia done in Debbie Bliss BFL in Buttermilk, from The Weasley Sweater pattern by Alison Hansel.

I'm really proud of this jumper. I've made garments before, that are more fitted than this (this is essentially two rectangles for the front and back) but this is enormous and it has intarsia.

You can read more about the intarsia here because let me tell you - that was some adventures in yarn right there.

I am disappointed in my seaming.

Namely, that I didn't do it.

I had full intentions of bouncing in here like - guys! Guys! I seamed this jumper like a pro! But sadly, it was not to be. I seamed one side twice and both times it turned out crooked! I was so happy with my seams too! They were so neat! (If you can define 'neat' as 'beautifully sewn but wonky as').

So, as I was visiting London last weekend, I called my Nan and asked, in return for my sanity, if she would be able to do it.

Not only did she do it, and do it beautifully, she also seamed both sides in little over an hour. It had taken me three evenings to finish that first horrendously wonky attempt. Honestly, it was like she was trying to show me up or something.

But look! Isn't it pretty! (It is also really bloody warm and these pictures were taken in under five minutes because I didn't want to steam myself like a fillet of salmon. I also need to trim my fringe so it can stop parting like David Beckham, in the 1998 World Cup).

This is 1044.2 metres towards my Stash Dash Target! Which brings my Stash Dash Total up to... 1044.2 metres! Oh... Um. Go team?

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