Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show 2016

On Friday 4th March, a couple of days after my birthday, my Mum, Nan and I headed off to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Kensington Olympia.

I've been to the show before and enjoyed it, but I have to say that I was pleased to go on a weekday this year! It can get incredibly hot in there, especially when it's jam packed with people.

I went in with my birthday money burning a hole in my purse and a little list of things that I wanted to get and check out. I knew I wanted a drop spindle and some fibre so I could have a go at spinning, I wanted to check out Sincerely Louise's stall and I wanted to pick up some yarn for a new hat for Rich and maybe a Puntilla for me.

My trip was pretty successful! I picked up a gorgeous drop spindle from Spin City and some luscious fibre. I admit to spending a fair bit of time at Louise's stall while I tried to choose a spindle because they are all so gorgeous, it was hard to choose! I eventually settled on a pressed flower spindle, very similar to this one and fibre in Louise's 'Dolly Mixture' colourway. This colourway is just stunning and I can't wait to see how it spins up!

At the Sincerely Louise stall (conveniently located nice and close to the Spin City stall), I was overwhelmed! The hedgehog slippers, the baby owl nest tea cosy... Let's just say I was tempted by all of it! In the end, I settled on a Prehistoric Pal kit, a lovely blue triceratops head that I've already named Dinah. I plan to knit her up and make a 'Welcome' sign to hang around her neck ready for the hallway of our new house. I can't wait to share this one with you when I'm working on it!

Lastly, my Nan picked up Mini Knitted Christmas by Sue Stratford, which is making my heart sing at the moment. Christmas 2016 is an ongoing project this year (I'll be blogging about that later this week) and this little book is making my brain fizz with ideas. I'm going to be making a few bits throughout the year to put away for this Christmas. And one day I'll be working up an entire sleigh, with Father Christmas and reindeer.

Unfortunately, Rich didn't get the yarn for his hat, as I didn't spot the colour I really want for it, the same goes for the Puntilla. I'm not yet sure on what colour I want to knit it up in, so didn't want to commit to a big splurge.

I had a great time at the show, but I have to say that I do find it rather impersonal. I'm looking forward to attending some quirkier events in the next few years - I'd love to check out Unravel next year and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

What are your favourite yarn and fibre festivals? I'd love some recommendations for my wish list!

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  1. I am totally jealous of your Sincerely Louise head - I haven't yet convinced my husband that we need one (but then I was going for a unicorn; I think he might be ok with a dinosaur head).

    I went to Edinburgh and Yarndale this year, and enjoyed them both, but for totally different reasons. Yarndale has far more quirky vendors, while Edinburgh is much higher end. I haven't decided which ones I'm going to next year - I'm booked on Joeli's retreat, so that might have to be it if I blow the budget while I'm there!