Wednesday, 2 March 2016

FO: House Cowl

I renamed my Froggy Cowl the House Cowl as that is what it is. We don't have central heating in our house and we try to wrap up before the heating that we do have goes on. I hate being cold, so a little cowl to wear around my neck on chilly days at home seemed like a good idea.

Made from the frogged remains of my Red Leaves Beret, the House Cowl is knit out of Anzula Squishy, from my Muse Connection 2015 goodie bag. I haven't blocked it yet because I'm a terrible knitter and, frankly, it's far too cold for me to be contemplating waiting to wrap my neck up in soft woolly warmth, thank you very much.

This was my first project finished in 2016. The first project I started, as a matter of fact, so it deserves its own fanfare and little spray of confetti.

Especially as otherwise, my knitting has been a little bit... dare I say, plod along?

That's not to say that it's boring me, not at all. I love my knitting, I feel so much calmer when I've knit a few rows a day and I pay much better attention when I'm knitting (though admittedly, I often miss subtle, silent moments in films as they tend to fall just when I'm counting...) It's just that when the New Year bowls in, that New Year energy gets into everything and it feels a bit sad that I'm still knitting on a project from last year.

Yes, my Stargazer Wrap is still on the needles. The rows are still getting longer and longer, without ever feeling like it ever gets any closer to 'big enough'. There are a dozen other projects calling my name. Now I've frogged something, I desperately want to frog another jumper and knit up a Fold and Turn. My Juno Alice yarn is taunting me, reminding me how much I want to knit it into a lovely Old Romance. And then there's the latest Pom Pom magazine, which is tempting me to make my first crochet garment a Riveret...

My knitting definitely needs a breath of fresh air, but I also feel that that's only going to happen when I get Stargazer off the needles. And then, ooohhh then it's going to be a cast on party!

(Other people have these kinds of parties, right? I'm not just being super weird?)

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