Monday, 28 March 2016

FO: The Stargazer Wrap

It's fiiiiiinnnnnniiiiiished!!

I'm so pleased to be able to say that the Stargazer Wrap is finally off the needles!

This was a very very long project, started back in early October, before Rich moved to Portsmouth (thanks Ravelry!). It was set aside to work on my Christmas Stockings and House Cowl, but apart from these breaks, I've worked on it fairly monogamously.

The idea for this project came when Rich and I booked a gypsy caravan for his birthday in May (yes, we did book this back in late September last year - it's a very popular destination as it turns out!). We'd heard that from this caravan, we'd be able to see the International Space Station, so we knew we'd be spending late evenings out by the fire looking at the stars. A nice wrap to cuddle up under - because this is England and the May weather is not to be trusted! - seemed like a necessity.

Enter the Mara Wrap, a free pattern by Madelinetosh which suggests a DK weight yarn. I went for an aran weight because I wanted something enormous and chose a great work house yarn - Cascade 220,  in a deliciously heathered midnight blue.

It's an easy knit, just garter stitch after all, but I have to admit that a combination of sleep and that ribbed border had me re-knitting several times.

Three times to be precise. Sigh.

When I finally started the ribbed border, I was just so inspired by the fact that this was The End, I stayed up later than I ought to have done and made a few mistakes. I know, it's ribbing, how hard can it be? But I did. Still, I went ahead and started the next stage of the edging and pretended that it was totally ok and I could live with my errors.

The Knitmore Girls are right - if you don't like it now you're not going to like it 10inches later.

So I ripped it out and started again. Twice. Sleep is key, as it turns out. Who knew? But sleep I did and finish it I did in time to get the Finished Object pictures in my Nan's garden in London. Odd to think that all future FO pics will be taken in Portsmouth.

In hindsight, I wish I'd got a skein or two of grey as I think a thick grey stripe a little before the ribbed border would have really taken this up a level. I think if I ever end up making another, this is something I'd definitely plan for.

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