Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Ethical Wardrobe

One of the big things I wanted to do this year was 'sort out' my wardrobe. While I wish I was a fashionista, one of those fantastically, effortlessly stylish women... I'm just not. I just don't really care enough about it, don't really enjoy shopping and have never been willing to sacrifice comfort for looks. 

But 'sorting out' my wardrobe is such a vague thing really. It's been something I've been thinking about for ages, that I would like there to be less, that I would like it to work more efficiently and not be such a jumble. I just didn't really know what that meant until Elise starting blogging about her capsule wardrobe.

A lightbulb went off - that's what I wanted! I love the idea of a small wardrobe, all of which I wear, all of which matches... Imagine how easy packing would be! But it also sounded like a lot of work for someone like me who is rubbish at choosing things that will match lots of other things ('cloth deaf'? Is that the dressing yourself equivalent of 'tone deaf'?)

So I put it off for ages. Then I got interested in the Zero Waste Home movement (something I'm excited to implement when I'm back in control of what comes in and out of my home) and watched the True Cost documentary.

It is frankly impossible to watch that documentary and not want to do something. My solution to this desire was simple - start with a creating a capsule wardrobe. This would reduce my shopping habits and would, eventually, mean I would be able to afford to buy ethically sourced and organic items.

The size of my wardrobe before did not allow for me to buy only ethical items - things from Sea Salt or People Tree were treats. But now, with a smaller wardrobe, that is looking much easier, simply because I don't buy as much so I can invest in quality pieces.

I've googled where to buy ethically sourced items and come up with this list which I thought was quite interesting and in the meantime, while in Cornwall, I treated myself to a few items at the Sea Salt outlet store to supplement my smaller wardrobe.

This is just the first step in a year long project. My next step is to shrink it further, to something like 37 - 40 pieces (including shoes). I also want to shrink my pyjama drawer to something more manageable - I don't really need any more than two sets of nightwear per season. And then there's my overflowing underwear and sock drawer, not to mention my jewellery collection... 

It's a process, but one I am thoroughly enjoying. I look forward to the day when my wardrobe is something I enjoy opening, not a bundle that makes my heart drop.

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