Friday, 18 December 2015

FO: The Bifrost

I've blogged about Bifrost before and, in the words of Mr Darcy, my feelings have not changed.

I have loved working on this project. It's just so simple in its construction and so stunning in its use of colour. There isn't really anything not to like about it.

I don't use it as a traditional scarf as it's a bit slim for that, but it's going wherever with me to be used as an indoor scarf. I wear it at work to keep the chill off my neck. I wear it around the house to save on the heating (I feel like all knitters resist turning the heating up until they're fully swathed in wool!). It's also really handy for on the train - the journey to Portsmouth is a couple of hours and can get a little chilly, but I don't like to sit bundled up in my coat the whole way. Enter the Bifrost.

I feel like there's going to be a lot more black outfits in my life to really showcase this baby. It is already one of my favourite knits!

I knit this a lot while watching films (the original Star Wars trilogy and About Time), several murder mysteries (Midsomer Murders week is a thing, guys!) and, occasionally, while nodding off after a long day at work. In fact, by the time I was halfway through the second cake, I became obsessed. I was knitting at every available opportunity. Willing the cake to shrink so that I could move onto the next colour, the next cake of colours. I was a woman possessed. And so - probably inevitably - I lost 3 stitches somewhere along the way. One end is 3 stitches narrower than the other end, but you know what - I don't even care.

The Knitmore Girls say that if it bothers you now it will always bother you. But it's not even the
tiniest bit noticeable and I wasn't about to rip back goodness knows how much for just 3 stitches. I think, sometimes, there are things that you can just live with. And this, while not perfect, is so gorgeous that of course I can live with it!

These photos are less than ideal as we took them before dashing out to see a car (which we bought - hooray!) and it was so cold I wasn't in particularly posing sort of mood. But, hey, done is better than perfect, right?

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