Monday, 21 December 2015

A screeching halt

Can we put the brakes on December for a couple of days?

December, always a busy time of year, feels even more fraught this year with all the back and forth to Portsmouth to see Rich, trying to fit in seeing friends and delivering presents around overtime. Thankfully, we now have a car, so Rich has driven up to London to see my family and some friends, before we drive down to Cornwall tomorrow.

I don't know when December became this zoom by month, but I'm already hoping for different next year. I think that I must say this every year, but it never seems to happen! I always get my shopping done, more or less, by the end of November and yet I always seem to be overrun!

As I'll be in a different job, with more regular hours, next Christmas, I think it will be easier to handle. I won't have to worry about overtime or commuting to see Rich. But I think, in the interests of sanity, that I will leave myself some notes for next year...

Write the list first
I always end up writing my Christmas card list as I sit down to write them. Inevitably I forget someone or don't have enough cards. So - write the list first, buy cards accordingly. Simple.

Send things direct
Why do I always have presents delivered for me, only for me to wrap them up and put them in the post? What is this madness?! Next year, I'll be sending gifts directly to the recipient.

Schedule the important things
I always have this vague idea of how I'd like to spend my Christmas - ice skating, hot chocolates and Christmas films. And I always end up running out of time. Next year, I want to put those activities in the diary, make the time for them and thoroughly enjoy them.

Phew! Feels good to make a better plan for next year. I've loved seeing my friends this year and we've had a lovely weekend with my family. I'm really looking forward to our trip to Cornwall. I just need to get myself a tiny bit more organised next year so I can enjoy every minute of the festive season!

How do you make Christmas a little easier on yourself?


  1. Christmas cards have been a total fail for me this year. Think I will make Happy New Year cards. I agree that it seems life is moving far too fast this month.

  2. I've read this post at just the right time. Tonight I am going to write the Christmas card list, the present list and a list of things I want to make/bake/go to/do with the kids. Then it's all sorted and I just have to turn up, right?!