Thursday, 10 September 2015

Self Love and Sewing Week: Off Schedule

Self Love and Sewing Week is not going entirely to plan - but I am very happy about it!

I had intended to go to the gym every morning, sew a dress every day, blog every day... It's not gone quite like that...

I went to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and have rescheduled my classes so that I can go this weekend rather than yesterday and today.

I have one dress half finished - this is the reason for my two mornings off the gym, I really want to get on with it and immerse myself in the experience.

I haven't done a great deal of reading, but I've listened to loads of Books on the Nightstand and had lots of chatty book talks.

While the little schedule I had set for myself was lovely - lots of working out, lots of making - schedules aren't something I'm super into. The last two days I've felt the need to just work on my dress, so I have.

And it has been bliss! Monday I was a little afraid of the sewing machine because it's an older, more temperamental one. By Wednesday, I was threading it up and whizzing along quite happily. One of my favourite things to do is learn new skills (or read new books!) and this week is really hitting the spot - I think I've definitely caught the Handmade Wardrobe bug (she says, with currently no actually fitting dress to show for the week).

I was originally inspired by the Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge and I am so glad that I was. Not only am I creating something one of a kind, that will (hopefully!) be the start of an increasingly handmade wardrobe, I am learning what feels like an important life skill. Being able to do this makes me feel incredibly powerful and great about myself. It is a great feeling and I am determined to make this a more accessible hobby for myself - I can't take a week off whenever the feeling takes me unfortunately!

I am hoping to finish at least two dresses this week as I would like to wear one when we go out for our anniversary next weekend. But at the moment I am just overjoyed to have something that looks like a dress - whether it fits or not! I have learnt so much, it's been brilliant fun. So now I'm off to do some more!

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