Sunday, 6 September 2015

Guilty Pleasures

This is me, ridiculously excited before a Taylor Swift concert a couple of months ago. (Not pictured: my 'This. Sick. Beet. [insert smiling beetroot picture]' t-shirt).

Also known as: me, being horrifyingly 'uncool'.

But you know what? I had FUN that day. And the older I get, the more I think that life is way too short to pretend not to like things just because they're not cool. (Even though I totally think you are cool, Taylor).

So in honour of all our not-so-guilty pleasures, here's a list of mine. What are yours?

Midsomer Murders Love me some cosy weird murder mysteries.

Anything by Jill Mansell Oh I just love her books. I hoover the lot of them up, they just make me feel warm and snuggly inside.

Toe socks and slippers Because anything warm and cosy is GOOD.

Period dramas Oh my goodness, speak to me of an unspoken love conveyed by side
-eye and heaving bosom.

Tea Over alcohol. (Almost) every time.

Jeggings/Leggings Give me all the comfort and freedom of movement!

Backpacks A girl has to keep her back in check.

Not driving I live in London where it is a nightmare to drive and also financially destructive. So I read on the tube instead.

Early nights Oh yeah, tell me about how well rested you are.

Dancing I can't dance, but I love to move my body in a vaguely-to-the-rhythm kind of way


Flat shoes Ultimates have to be my Docs and my Birkenstocks (/not a fashion blogger)

Historical fiction and biographies Reading and learning? Give it to me.

Baby animals This is Rich's go-to if I'm ever a bit sad or need cheering up. A quick jaunt through the awww subreddit of Reddit does wonders.


  1. We had this conversation at work - what is on your IPod that would surprise us? i too love flats and leggings and being comfortable

  2. Juliann, thank you for all your comments! It's so nice to think that someone is reading :) I think I like comfort because I'm not that into being stylish and making a sartorial statement so I just want to be comfy while doing the things I do enjoy :)