Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wesley's Wonderful Wardrobe

We have started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, because I loved Star Trek: Voyager so deeply (and couldn't get on with Deep Space Nine at all).

There is a lot to love in this show, not least the brilliant ways in which humanity has evolved. But the great storylines and actors, the ethical questions the show throws up, all these pale in the face of Wesley Crusher's knitwear.

 I mean, look at it - isn't it glorious?!

This snazzy orange number seems to combine both knitwear and jersey material in a futuristic fusion of techniques.

What I truly love about Wesley is his commitment to his wardrobe. Everyone else is wandering around in their usual clothes or their clearly much lighter weight uniforms, so the Enterprise is obviously not a chilly place to be. But, despite that, Wesley persists in showing off his fine array of knitwear. No t-shirts for this kid!

Seriously though, I am fascinated by the shape on the yoke of this one - I don't even understand how that works? The chevron goes all the way down, through a jersey stripe (how would you even sew that in?!) and a complex Celtic cable section. Also, I'm really into orange at the moment, so I am really feeling this colour.

Here's another intense piece of work. Wesley never goes for the v-necks - he's always roll neck or nothing. Yet more evidence of his commitment to this style.

This one is texture central. I love the waving cables running up and down the body of the jumper and across the sleeves. While I might not want to recreate this exactly, I do think the waves are lovely. If possible, I think this one looks even more snuggly than the orange one.

Never let it be said though, that Wesley can't do simplicity. This one is all party in the arms and it's brilliant. Apart from the neckline - I'm not one for high necks - I would definitely be pilfering this one. You could take a really beautiful yarn and display it wonderfully on this jumper and the interest at the shoulders means you could easily use this to dress up a pair of heels. 

Seriously, picture this - this jumper, in mustard yellow, with a v-neck and a white shirt collar peeking out, over blue skinny jeans and Doc Marten heels. I literally own that entire outfit, with the exception of the jumper. There's got to be a pattern somewhere, right?!

Finally, no Wesley Crusher wardrobe breakdown would be complete without his Acting Ensign Uniform.

This is easily the cutest, most earnest uniform I've ever seen! You've got that grey neutral, the ever present roll neck and then the adorable stripes of all the colours of Star Fleet (not pictured, the crossover stripe party on the shoulders).

I've searched Ravelry high and low for equivalents to the previous jumpers and had no joy (please send them my way if you find any - I'm not even joking when I say I want that Shoulders of Awesome one). But this one - this one has a pattern!

It's the Wesley Crusher Sweater for Adults by Becky Lee and it's in my queue.

I can't be the only one that clocks the knitwear in shows and goes straight to Ravelry. Someone needs to write The Next Generation in Knitwear book stat!

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