Friday, 7 October 2016

Places In Portsmouth

So, as I've been living in Portsmouth for about six months now, I thought that I would share my favourite places here. This is a pretty link heavy post, so that you can go and read some more if anything catches your eye or sounds like something you'd enjoy.

Where to eat?

The Akash
Indian food is probably my favourite in the whole world - way more than pizza or pasta. It's the infinite variety, the amazing flavour combinations... While the Akash has a smaller menu compared to some places, every bite is delicious. And then I discovered they deliver and I was a goner. This is one of the top places I take visitors because it's a winner every time.

Belle Isle
This is another place I like to visitors because it feels like such a Portsmouth type place - it's a small independent bar, which does really excellent food. The vibe is laid back and chilled out and I've never had a dud wine here. I'd recommend the burritos - you won't be sorry.

Koh Thai
I've only eaten here once as the price is for celebrations only, but I am still dreaming about those slow cooked ribs... I don't even like ribs! Seriously, this is probably the best Thai food I've ever had. Treat yo'self.

Pie & Vinyl
Another Portsmouth staple - this is one of my favourite places to eat, visitors or not. They make the most beautiful pies, get them with all the trimmings and don't hold back on the gravy. The place itself is great to hang out in, a tiny little place, filled with kitsch and memorabilia. And, of course, vinyl. I could easily spend an hour or so here, eating and exploring. And then probably eating again...

Where to drink?

Rich and I are really lucky to live just off Albert Road, which boasts some of the best pubs (and shopping) around here. I usually end up in Wine Vaults (because wine!) or The Fat Fox. Little Johnny Russell's has great live music and if you go a little further down the road, round onto Elm Grove, you'll find yourself at the One Eyed Dog.

Other favourites include The Honest Politician, if you fancy a chilled evening of drinks and pool, and Shenanigans, if you like your pubs cosy-sized. They do whiskey and rum tasting evenings, which Rich really enjoys (I'm not into either, although I'm learning to like whiskey!). They also do great breakfasts, if you're not up to cooking after checking out all those other pubs...

Other favourites?

If you want your hair cut, you cannot go wrong with The Green Room, which uses all cruelty free products and is run by some great ladies. I've only ever had lovely experiences in there.

I'd highly recommend Butterfly Beauty if you want some pampering. I go there once a month for an eyebrow wax and a pedicure - a little payday treat. Marie, who runs the place, is an absolute gem of a lady. Sweet, funny and brilliant at what she does, she's been helping me achieve the chunky eyebrows of my dreams and is a giggle to hang out with for an hour or two.

Finally, there's Mells & Whimsey, a small haberdashery with a great range of yarn and fabric. Brilliant quality, light, airy and beautiful - just so colourful! I'm spoilt that it's round the corner from my flat. Would thoroughly recommend, even if it's only to browse, not buy!

There are still tons of places I want to check out - there are lots of places that look like they do great breakfasts and breakfast is one of my favourite things. Jam & Bowler and The Garage Lounge are both top of that list.

There are also plenty of little museums around as well that I have, shamefully, yet to visit. There's the D-Day Museum and the Portsmouth Natural History Museum.

Of course, I couldn't not mention The Victory, which I've visited before, years ago, and is great fun - if a little claustrophobic below deck!

I'd love to hear about places that you love down this end of the globe - or if you've checked out any of these places. Let me know!

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