Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Things to Do

All people who like to make things have a list a mile long of things they want to make, new skills they want to try. But there are always a few things that bob about the top of the list, things that press up against the edges of your brain, eager to get out. Here are mine...

Mrs Jones by Wool & the Gang
I've never crocheted a garment before. To be honest, I don't really crochet much at all. Maybe only one or two things a year. But when this landed in my inbox in the Wool & the Gang newsletter, I knew I had to have it. I love its baggy eccentricity, the colour options, the fact that it would look absolutely banging over a black vest and jeans.

I'm thinking I'll do it the main colour in Arctic Wolf, the colour block at the bottom in bright blue and the edging highlighter pink. This is one I'm dying to order now. I've never worked with Wool & the Gang's kits before, but I'm excited to try it.

I bought crumpet bread when we were at Daylesford and it was absolutely divine! I like making bread, though I've only done it sporadically and I can't find a recipe for that gorgeous crumpet bread, but it was a real treat to have good bread for our Sunday breakfast.

I'm going to pick up my bread book when I head back to London this weekend and I'm going to try to commit to a weekly loaf. Something to perk up our Sunday breakfasts and to provide good weekday lunches.

From Stitch to Style
The latest book from The Great British Sewing Bee arrived in the post this week. I have so many books on sewing (well. Three) and yet I never sew. I want to pick up a sewing machine and start making my own garments. After all, I'll never get any better at sewing if I don't actually, you know... sew.

It's harder than knitting in that you can't pick it up and do a little at a time while watching the TV - I can't imagine that Rich would be particularly happy if I started making a racket on a sewing machine while we watched the latest Peaky Blinders.

What's currently top of your must do list??

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