Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Stash Dash?

I have been hearing about Stash Dash for years. I'm an avid follower of The Knitmore Girls and Jasmin partakes every year, on a grand scale. But I can't say I've ever been tempted myself.

However, this year I am. I don't know if it's because I'm knitting less at the moment and feeling bereft - when I sat down on Sunday to knit, that was my first time making a stitch for a week. I am feeling wrung out right now, needing my knitting so much, but unable to muster up the energy or the mental bandwidth to tackle it.

But a challenge, you say? Ah, what better way to fan the creative flames, right?!

Stash Dash runs from May 27th to August 21st this year and at the moment I have one project on the needles that is due to finish during this period, and three more ready to go.

Lets have a look at what that means in metres, I've taken these from their Ravelry pattern pages and taken the lower meterage estimated. Once I complete them, I'll weigh them to figure out an accurate meterage.

The Weasley Jumper With an N: 1,310 metres
Cornish Lilli Pilli: 1,134 metres
Christmas Stockings x4: 251 metres each = 1,004 metres
Dinah, the Fauxidermy Triceratops: 168 metres
Mini Weasley Jumpers x6: 14.5 metres each = 87 metres

That's an overall total of... 3,708 metres!

Now, that means I could easily push for the 3k milestone. I say easily, I'm not actually that fast a knitter, but I certainly have enough to do it if I could knit fast enough.

I also have three skeins of Juno Fibre Arts Alice that I'd love to knit up into something gorgeous. Three skeins is about 1,198 metres, which would take me up to 4,906 metres, painfully close to that tantalising 5k...

So, while I'm not even certain that I could hit that 3k, I can't deny that I'm pootling about on Ravelry trying to find something to knit out of my Juno Alice.

Waterlily? Old Romance? Light Trails?

I also can't deny that I'm dragging out socks (yet again...) to see if I could make up the last few hundred metres...

You can read more about Stash Dash on The Knit Girllls Ravelry board, here. Are you getting involved this year? I'm actually really excited to have a bash at it - it's already dragging me out of the yarn-doldrums!

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