Monday, 4 April 2016

Thoughts on the Cosy Memories Blanket

So I've been thinking about making a Cosy Memories Blanket for a while now, as I'm starting to get a bit of collection of small balls of leftover yarn. And I love how they look - so bright and colourful. It's something that I would really love to have in my life.

What's held me back from starting one before now is speed - I really would like to have a gorgeous blanket sooner rather than later. I am dreaming about the cosy reading and knitting nook I'm going to have in our home and an armchair with my Hufflepuff cushion and a scrappy blanket features very strongly! But I don't knit at light speed (unfortunately) and I don't exclusively knit in fingering weight, so a scrap blanket would be pretty slow going.

Lately, I've been seeing this blanket all over the podcasts that I watch and have been thinking more seriously about making a start on one. A lot of the podcasters who are working on a blanket seem to be getting involved in mini skein swaps and treating themselves to gorgeous mini skeins from their favourite companies.

And I'm... not sure how I feel about that.

I really want this to be a real memory blanket, full of the odds and ends of projects that I've worked on and loved. But I don't want to wait forever to wrap myself up in it. I've been mulling it over recently (I've been doing a lot of walking, can you tell?) and think I've come up with a solution.

I'm going to invest in some mini skeins (because I am weak and they are so cute), but I'm going to make choices based on memories. For example, I might choose a blue mini skein for moving to Portsmouth (as the local football team wear a blue strip) and one with warm browns and greens to remind me of our favourite London pub where we played board games and had regular Sunday roasts.

I'm jotting down ideas for what I'd like to include in my Bullet Journal (of course!) as this is not something I plan to start immediately unfortunately. I have a lot of other projects I want to get on and off the needles and moving into a new flat is an expensive time. But when I have the time and funds free, I'm hoping I'll have a great list to choose from, like...

Harry Potter inspired colourways because I adore the wizarding world and it's very linked to my early - middle teens especially as well as my most recent birthday.

I'd love to get some London inspired mini-skeins as I love and miss the city so much. I'm thinking some grey-brown-green tonals to remind me of walks along the Thames, past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Some bright red for the buses and telephone boxes.

I'll definitely be including some of my first handspun, once I get around to it. Even if I've only got enough that's good enough to knit a stripe with, that will definitely be included!

If you have any favourite mini skein stockists, please let me know, I'd love to add some suppliers to my list as well!


  1. I am collecting for a blanket but I a going to knit a chevron blanket with each section in a different color. I like your memory approach.

  2. I started my sock yarn blanket as leftovers only, and within a few weeks had succumbed to buying minis for it. I tend to go for the same approach as you and only buy minis that have some link to something else in my life. Norah George and London House Yarns both do gorgeous Harry Potter mini skeins, but their yarns go fast, so you have to keep a close eye on their Instagram feeds for notices of shop updates.