Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Current Wips (Or: What I Did While We Were Offline...)

The internet saga has, at last, come to an end. To cut a long story short, we moved in on the 2nd April, were supposed to get coverage on the 12th and didn't actually get it until this week. It's been incredibly frustrating as I've had to blog as mobile data allowed, haven't been able to catch up on podcasts, chat on Ravelry or watch any films (our DVD collection is still packed up in London).

To cap it all, Rich was away for work for a week so the flat felt very quiet when I was in it (we're near the sea so I took myself out for regular fresh air!).

On the bright side, there were no distractions and I got an awful lot of knitting done!

I've been fairly monogamous though, so there isn't a great deal of variety here. But I am very proud of what I've done.

First up!

The Weasley Jumper With an N

I really ought to find a snappier name for this jumper, but it does what it says on the tin. This is a Weasley jumper (by Alison Hansel, you can find the pattern here) and it has an N for Nikki on it.

(Fun fact: In the books, only Fred and George have initials on their jumpers, everyone else gets plain or a fun pattern - I believe Harry gets a dragon in the Goblet of Fire - the initials is very much a film thing, but I love the films too).

This is my second attempt at intarsia - a full intarsia post is coming up - and the first one was, almost literally, just a viper's nest of horror. This second attempt was much better. I can't say that it was fun at all, but it was immensely satisfying and I managed to do it, which, after that first disastrous attempt, is a miracle.

All I have left to do on this is the sleeves and the neckline, so while I don't think I'll make the 30th April deadline for the Inside Number 23 Harry Potter KAL, it won't be much later than that. I'm vaguely wondering if I can finish it before we go away for Rich's birthday as it would be nice to have a new cast on to work on in the car and it's a lovely place for photos... But let's not get ahead of ourselves, eh?

I've actually got the book Charmed Knits, which is were this pattern is from, and in there is a pattern for mini Weasley jumpers to use as decorations. I'm considering making up a few to go in Christmas presents (because remember, I'm aiming to get ahead of myself for this year and wouldn't these make gorgeous stocking fillers?)

The Birthday Beanie

This is the reason my Weasley Jumper has ground to a halt. Rich's birthday is on the 8th of May and I always like to make him a little something. He's been wearing the hat I made for him last year loads and said he'd quite like another one. I'd been looking at the Maximus by Truly Myrtle so it all came together nicely.

Rich chose Whiskey Barrel by Madeline Tosh and it's knitting up beautifully. I don't know why I don't knit more hats. I'd love a hat in this yarn. Actually, what I'd actually love in this yarn is a jumper. Something that fits beautifully in the shoulders, but is loose and boxy everywhere else. Maybe with a cowl neck for snuggly in the winter (not a polo neck - no thank you!)... Wouldn't that be lovely?

Ahem, sorry, off topic. The hat, yes. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is really well written. Perhaps a crisper yarn would have done the cables in this hat more justice, but this is a going to be a cosy hat and that's the main thing. In fact, the pattern was so well written I'm considering tackling her Joss Wrap. Because apparently I'm over how long the Mara took and am ready to tackle another huge project!

As soon as my jumper is off the needles, I'm diving straight into my Lilli Pilli. I'm not sure I'll take this away with us as we're glamping and I don't want to get these stunning colours grubby. Need to think about what I'm packing in that case...

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