Thursday, 10 March 2016

David Attenborough In Conversation

I was incredibly lucky to see Sir David Attenborough in conversation with Anita Anand in Richmond this month. I took Rich, as Attenborough is his greatest hero - we went the same day we went to Harry Potter Studios, so it was something of a Big Day!

We didn't go up to get anything signed, we were just happy to hear him speak. And what a speaker! He's just like he is on the TV - warm, interested and really quite funny actually. You wouldn't believe this vibrant, wildly enthusiastic man is 90.

What struck me most was his modesty. He must be aware that he is adored - and if he wasn't before, he is now after Anita told him all the lovely messages she received for him on Twitter - and he must be aware that he is considered a National Treasure, but he remains modest and charming.

He shared stories from his life, his extraordinary life. A man who created his own work, through sheer tenacity and passion. He brims with enthusiasm for life and the world and all its wonders. He was an absolute delight - from his hopes for the future of endangered breeds, to the story of a rhino 'dummy' charging his vehicle.

The only thing that makes me sad is that I wish someone like David Attenborough, who loves people and the natural world, was in charge. Wouldn't it be lovely to have someone running the country who was in love with the world instead of power. Still, I just feel lucky that I was able to be in the same room as him, hearing him talk and seeing his programmes.

There you go. No photos, no autographs, no exclusive insight (although they did mention that they were going to do another Planet Earth), just my delight at seeing one of my heroes in the flesh and not being disappointed.

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