Monday, 19 October 2015

WIPs in progress

My Lucky 61 jumper and Red Leaves beret felt like they were in progress for ages, but now they are finished! Sadly, the weather has been too grotty for photos, so the FO post is on hold. But they are finished which means more things are being cast on.

I say 'things' with a note of surprise as I tend to be a fairly monogamous knitter. It wasn't until the last two projects that I really had more than one thing on the go at once. But I can see the benefit of having a few things around to work on.

Here is what I'm currently on the needles...

About a week ago, I spotted the #HPreadalongKAL where people are knitting Potter inspired projects while reading the books. I am a huge Potterhead, so I felt like I had to cast on.

I decided to try a squishy pair of socks out of the last issue of Knitting magazine. They felt like something this Hufflepuff would wear in the common room after a chilly afternoon in the Herbology greenhouses.

Socks are my nemesis. I've yet to find a way that suits me, is comfortable and actually fits. It's an ongoing thing, perhaps I'll blog about it one day. Anyway, these are knit flat and are aran weight yarn, so I figured I could manage them. As they're enormous I'm also having a go at knitting them two-at-a-time one one long cable needle. We'll see how that goes...

This is not destined to become a precious knit. This will not be well-cared for and tucked away carefully until ready to be released for a special occasion. This is knit up in Cascade 220 Superwash, in a deliciously dark blue yarn because I fully intend this to be a working part of our little family.

Knit from the Madeline Tosh Mara Shawl pattern, I'm going to make this huge. We've got a weekend away planned in May in a little gyspy caravan in Dorset, where you can see the stars, there's an outdoor shower and I thought something to cosy under while we stargazed would be ideal. Enter this shawl, which will live it's life keeping us warm on long car journeys, picnics and nights under the stars.

A shawl big enough for two :)

Casting on soon...

This is technically not a WIP yet, as it's still on its way. But it deserves a mention because look at it. It's so beautiful! So simple and rainbow and squishy and I know this is going on the needles the moment it arrives. I'm checking the post every day, I just cannot wait!

I'm feeling the lack of garment in my current accessory glut, but I can't narrow it down yet. There are so many beauties in my queue. I need to have a bit of a think as I don't think I want a jumper, but some sort of slouchy cardigan or tunic/vest type top might be good... Hmmm.... Any recommendations?

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  1. I have been thinking about a Mara shawl recently - comfy, cozy.