Monday, 5 October 2015

The big heave-ho

Recently, Rich got the job of his dreams. This is a pretty big deal in the competitive film industry and we feel beyond lucky because, not only is it a great job that he is incredibly excited to start and will give him great opportunities for growth and promotion, it's also not in London.

Rich is from Cornwall and I'm a born-and-bred Londoner, but we have always said, from very early on in our relationship that one day we wanted to live in the country. This was something we assumed would take years because he would have to establish himself first. And here is this fantastic opportunity for us to move to Hampshire and start building the life we really want to live.

It won't be easy as we'll need to rent for a couple of months before we buy (just before Christmas is not a good time to try to buy and move so we're not even going to consider it!) and I'll need to commute up to London until I find something else.

But I already feel this great sense of relief. Perhaps a change is as good as a rest. Lately London has been putting my teeth on edge - the prices, the overcrowding, the noise. And buying here feels so unachievable when someone was offered a mattress in the cupboard under the stairs for £500pm in Clapham.

I am absolutely ready to take on a new challenge - I'm looking forward to writing about something so new as well, because I have never lived out of this beautiful, baggy, pain-in-the-arse city. So, while I'll still be writing about books, writing and making (that is coming up by the way - just need to get some photos!) I'll also be writing a little bit more about moving somewhere new. I'll probably also write about the struggles of living in two places, as for the forseeable future I'll be travelling up to London once a week for my shifts, the heading back to spend the rest of the week in my new home.

I think it's probably important, as a writer, to collect experiences and develop yourself before you can ever develop anything on the page. Fish out of water is always inspiring, right? I'm not someone who is particularly scared of change - it's just the process of change that I hate. Moving and settling in is a nightmare for me - I'd rather go from A to Z without all the faff in the middle. But sometimes life needs to be difficult and I am ready to embrace it.

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