Thursday, 27 August 2015

Around here

Previously when I’ve had blogs, I’ve tried to do ‘everything
right’. I’ve told myself that I will publish on certain days and this is what the
subject will be on each day. I planned and wrote ahead, took pictures… And it
always eventually fizzled out.

So this time I’m not going to do that. I know that I want to
share my stories on this blog – my writing and making, my adventures, my thoughts on
various things. I want this to be my place on the internet, rather than a place
designed to get readers, be shared, pinned (yes, all things I have been guilty
of previously).

I want to write regularly – this is an experiment in
overcoming writer’s block after all – but I don’t want to write to any set
schedule. I don’t want to designate Mondays as the day I post about writing,
Wednesdays the day I write about knitting, and so on…

While I’m sure that some sort of schedule and theme will
develop, I want it to develop naturally. So I will write about what’s on my
mind, what I feel like sharing. I’m sure there are some people out there that
would like to join in with my ramblings :)

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  1. Found you today via the Handmade Wardrobe challenge and I would love to follow your ramblings. Write away!